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Krystol Waterstop Grout (K-322) Ultra Strong, Reactive Waterstop Grout

Krystol Waterstop Grout (K-322) Ultra Strong, Reactive Waterstop Grout
Code K-322

Crystalline Waterstops
Crystalline waterstop systems utilize advanced integral crystalline waterproofing (ICW) technology to block the movement of water through concrete joints. When applied to concrete, ICW chemicals cause microscopic crystals to grow, permanently sealing the spaces between concrete particles and blocking the movement of water. In a crystalline waterstop system, a cementitious mixture containing highly concentrated ICW chemicals is applied to the joint site before a new wall is poured.

Kryton’s Crystalline waterstops systemCrystalline waterstops are growing dramatically in popularity because they offer several crucial advantages over other systems. They’re quick and easy to install and do not require skilled labor. Premium crystalline waterstop systems have the ability to self-seal small cracks. When a micro-cracks forms in crystalline-treated concrete, incoming water causes additional ICW crystals to grow, filling the crack and maintaining a watertight seal.

Some crystalline waterstops combine two levels of protection – a virtually indestructible physical barrier and a crystalline chemical barrier. Many crystalline waterstop manufacturers also produce waterproofing systems for walls and slabs, offering one-manufacturer accountability for an entire structure.

Unlike some other waterstop systems, crystalline technology lasts the lifetime of the concrete structure. And unlike the vast majority of waterstops, crystalline technology can be used to retrofit areas where no waterstop system was installed, or where the installed system has become damaged or deteriorated over time.

Crystalline waterstops are highly affordable and can cost up to 50% less than bentonite or PVC waterstops. An average crystalline waterstop system will cost about $8 per installed linear meter ($2.50 per linear foot).

Choosing the Right Waterstop System

With so many different types of waterstop systems available, it’s important to choose the one that’s right for each concrete construction project. Since costs and installation times vary widely between systems, budget and construction timeline should be key considerations. Consider also what’s at stake if the waterstop fails – if a leak jeopardizes zero-tolerance areas such as electronics or computer rooms, you may want to choose a waterstop system that’s less likely to become damaged during concrete pours. Ask about the life expectancy of the system you’re considering – some have finite lifecycles while others last the lifetime of the structure.

The best way to protect a concrete structure and achieve an effective, watertight seal is to combine a reliable waterstop system with an effective concrete waterproofing system. Your concrete supplier can provide assistance in the concrete waterproofing system that’s best for your project.

  • Krystol Waterstop Grout (K-322) Ultra Strong, Reactive Waterstop Grout
  • Krystol Waterstop Grout (K-322) Ultra Strong, Reactive Waterstop Grout
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