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Hong Hong Ngoc Corporation is a distributor Krystol permanent waterproofing products of The Kryton Canada manufacturer, which provides Krystol Waterproofing admixture and protect concrete and steel. Krystol is the No.1 product of the world in crystalline waterproofing technology to prevent water, has over 40 years of experience and construction projects over 75 countries.

Krystol product is homogeneous composition when combined with water and concrete, the chemical reaction of Krystol with the cement elements forming hydrate milions of crystals as long as needles. The long crystal needles fill capillary holes and concrete pores, permanently absolute prevent the water paths and the holes are spreaded by the contamination.

It’s removed moisture when concrete is dryed, the active ingredients hydrate are stopped for many years. If then the cracks or shrinkage or the slump naturally occur again and the new cracks in dry concrete or intrusion of water, the crystals hydrate will develop strong back to fill the holes cracks as the pores and the capillary lines as hair, self-sealed the moistures & chemical during the lifespan of concrete and against rust reinforcement. Improving the concrete strength stiffer than the existing concrete structures by 12% to 19%.

Krystol products are used in new or old constructions and upgrading older existing structures and prepair wall cracks & concrete effectively for construction and reduce costs.

The company’s motto: Providing top quality products - Attentive service - Incentives for Companies Construction & Contractors.

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