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Hydrostop Sealer contains a unique blend of silane and siloxane compounds that chemically react with silicates below the surface of the substrate to form an insoluble, water-repellent barrier.

When used with the Hydrostop Restore & Protect: Cracks and surface defects are treated and filled using Hydrostop Grout. Hydrostop Coating is then placed to restore or create a uniformed white or grey colored appearance. Finally, Hydrostop Sealer is used to seal and protect the coatings against moisture intrusion.

Product Benefits

  • Is cost-effective and outlasts other sealers
  • Provides excellent water repellency and keeps water out of your structure
  • Does not change the appearance of the surface
  • Works as a chloride screen to protect against damage from de-icing salts, sea water, etc.
  • Helps to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion
  • Resists acid rain and other chemicals
  • Helps to prevent freeze or thaw damage
  • Resists mildew and moss formation, rust stains and efflorescence
  • Requires no special tools to apply
  • Can be used for outdoor or indoor and enclosed applications with minimal odour

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